Silvopasture Book

“There comes a time when modern messengers are needed to bring new life to ancient practices so that they can be utilized by the masses to transform society.


In this foundational book, Steve Gabriel masterfully blends years of hard work, listening, and studying to present the complex subject in simple yet meaningful ways.


Silvopasture provides much needed support and inspiration for anyone interested in becoming part of the solution to our climate, ecological, economic, and health challenges.”

—Vail Dixon, Simple Soil Solutions

About the Author

Steve Gabriel is an ecologist, farmer, educator, and consultant living and stewarding lands at Wellspring Forest Farm in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. Throughout his career, Steve has taught and consulted with thousands of farmers and land stewards on a wide range of agricultural practices including water management, agroforestry, silvopasture, and mushroom cultivation. He also collaborates on agroforestry work with the Farming with Trees collective. 

At Wellspring Forest Farm, Steve and his family steward about 40 acres of land in a lifelong practice of restoring healthy water, soil, and forests. The farm produces mushrooms, pastured lamb, maple syrup, and nursery trees, while offering a demonstration site for regenerative farming practices. 

Steve co-authored Farming the Woods in 2014, and is author of Silvopasture, released in 2018. He previously worked for 12 years with the Cornell Small Farms Program, as extension specialist focusing on mushroom and agroforestry systems.